If You Liked This Book, You’ll Love This Queer One

Hi all! Today’s post is a super fun one and puts a twist on our usual recommendation posts! If there are any certain books you want us to try and find a recommendation for, be sure to comment and we’ll try our hardest! – Sasha and Amber ❤

If you liked Six of Crows, you’ll love The Gilded Wolves

Why? Both have exciting heists and feature the found family trope with their squad goals, both are full of banter and have lots of queer characters. Six of Crows is praised for its diversity which we appreciate, but we also love the #OwnVoices diversity in The Gilded Wolves!

If you liked The Wrath and The Dawn, you’ll love Girl, Serpent, Thorn

Why? Both are inspired by fairytales and myths and feature poetic and lyrical storytelling. They both have a fierce main character, a questionable and morally grey love interest and feature the enemies-to-lovers trope! Both read like their own kind of unique new fairytale and are beautifully atmospheric.

If you liked A Darker Shade of Magic you’ll love Scavenge the Stars

Why? Both center around badass women with knives, ships and the sea. They’re both full of lgbtq+ characters, which we always love, and both are fantasies! Scavenge the stars is especially beautiful because it’s such an easy world to get sucked into and to understand!

If you liked Game of Thrones, you’ll love Priory of the Orange Tree

Why? Both are THICC babies which you could use as a spontaneous self-defense item if ever required. Both are filled with dragons, magic and a wonderful cast. But priory has a STUNNING sapphic romance that is impossible to forget about.

If you liked Truly Devious you’ll love People Like Us

Why? Both are about the main character solving a crime that happens at their boarding school. Both feature friend groups, a super interesting mystery and explosive endings!

If you liked Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe you’ll love Felix Ever After

Why? Both of these books feature atmospheric summer vibes, they’re both heartfelt & raw, and both feature a m/m relationship! Both books are deeply moving and feature stories of self-discovery.

If you liked Dramarama you’ll love Camp

Why? Both of the setting for these books take place at a summer camp, where the characters go through a journey of self-discovery and finding love. Both stories feature characters who love theater!

If you liked All the Stars and Teeth you’ll love The Mermaid the Witch and the Sea

Why? Both books have mermaids, pirates and are set (at least partially) at sea! Both books have a super interesting magic system and BIPOC rep

If you liked City of Bones you’ll love Infinity Son

Why? Both are urban fantasy books that feature the ‘chosen one’ trope! Both have a squad of characters that are easy to love and always joking around.

If you liked The Lunar Chronicles, you’ll love Tarnished Are The Stars

Why? Both are science-fantasy books about mechanics that are high action and intrigue. Tarnished are the stars is an #OwnVoices game of cat-and-mouse with a love triangle, and Cinder is a retelling with a twist.

If you liked The Wicked Deep, you’ll love The Dark Tide

Why? Both feature witches, drowning, magic and sacrifice. Both prominently feature siblings, doomed islands and mistrust. Both have spectacular spooky and atmospheric vibes!

If you liked We Hunt the Flame, you’ll love Breaking Legacies

Why? Both female main characters are the best hunters in their kingdoms, and their lives get tangled up with royalty. Both stories feature kingdoms that have been affected by war and follow a journey to find something. Both feature the found family trope!


also, let it be known that this post was SO difficult for Sasha and I to make, because we both read so diversely all the time that we struggled to think of non-diverse books lol

ps: amber did most of this bc i’m lazy & have been working on my booktube like a fool BUT i’m gonna add to it later so keep an eye out on twitter for updates!!!


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