If You Liked This Book, Then Try This One – SAPPHIC EDITION

Hi everyone!! Today’s post is a SUPER exciting one and one that I’ve been working on for a while! I’m recommending you sapphic books based off of other sapphic books that you liked!! Enjoy – Amber ❤


(A couple of the books recommended are unreleased, but I decided to keep them there because they’re up on either Netgalley or Edelweiss to request!!)


If you liked Wilder Girls, then try The Luminous Dead

Why? Both are horror survival stories that are sure to keep you up all night reading. Both books are about girls who must overcome their fears to save someone.

If you liked The Sawkill Girls, you should try The Devouring Gray

Why? Both of these stories surround a creepy woods that traps a monster. Both stories feature a group of people who must face the monster in order to save their town and their people. Nearly everyone is queer in these books and it is FABULOUS!!

If you enjoyed The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, then try Something to Talk About

Why? Both of these stories follow a main character who is famous and well-loved in Hollywood. Both books feature a romance which is TO DIE FOR. Each of these books revolve around secrets, rumours and lies and take you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

If you liked The Midnight Lie, you should try The Dark Tide

Why? If you’re looking for sapphic relationships between people of different classes where they both try to put off their feelings for eachother and then end up giving into eachother, then these are the books for you!!

If you loved The Priory of the Orange Tree, then try Breaking Legacies

Why? Both books have dragons, royalty, war, and of course, adorable f/f romances. Both books are set in gorgeous, rich fantasy worlds with magic, power and love.

If you enjoyed Her Royal Highness, then give The Princess Affair Series a go

Why? Both of these are adorable, lighthearted and fun romance books!! Both of them are full of drama, royals and girls who are unwilling to admit their feelings for one another xD

If you enjoyed Queen of Coin and Whispers, then give Winter Duke a go

Why? Both are about young girls who have to take over and become queen! Both books are filled with politics, romance and people who will do anything to get rid of their queens.

If you liked Colorblind, then try Missing, Presumed Dead

Why? Because both books revolve around girls who can see when someone will die. Both books are also completely heart-shattering and will make you cry!!

If you loved Girls of Paper and Fire, then give it a reread

Why? Because nothing will ever be on the same level and I have yet to find a book that has given me a similar vibe to GIRLS. So, go ahead, give it a reread xD

If you liked The Meaning of Birds, then try Who I Was With Her

Why? Because both of these books are about grief and a girl who has recently lost their girlfriend. Both are dual-timeline books and honestly, both will completely break your heart 😦

If you loved Tell Me How You Really Feel, give Everything Leads to You a go

Why? Both are books that revolve around the film industry and have the cutest romances!! (Extra bonus; if you liked either of these books, look out for ‘I Think I Love You’ next year!!)

If you enjoyed Into the Drowning Deep, try The Deep

Why? Both are super interesting reads partially set at sea which revolve around mermaids!!

If you liked Summer of Salt, you should pick up  Mooncakes

Why? Both of these books are short and sweet. Both of them are about witches, magic and animals!

If you loved We Are Okay, then try The Grief Keeper

Why? Both of these stories revolve around grief, friendships and family. Both of them are pretty sad, but have super hopeful endings!!

If you loved These Witches Don’t Burn, you should pick up The Scapegracers

Why? Both of these books are about covens of witches, and almost all of them are sapphic. I mean, what more do you want to know?!?!?!

If you enjoyed The Gravity Between Us, then give Marriage of Unconvenience a go

Why? Both of these are about childhood best friends who just so happen to move in together and then realise that they’re madly in love with each other 😉

If you liked Far From You, then try The Boy in the Red Dress

Why? Both of these are sapphic murder-mysteries with the most loveable cast ever!!!

If you loved People Like Us, then try The Herd

Why? Because you can never have too many sapphic thrillers in your life :)))

If you enjoyed Sadie, you should pick up I Hope You’re Listening

Why? Both of these books are about girls who have someone they love go missing. Both involve podcasts and will leave you wanting more!

If you liked Dark and Deepest Red, then give Cinderella is Dead a go

Why? Because sapphic fairy tale retellings, thats why 😛

If you enjoyed The Henna Wars, then try The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali

Why? Both of these books follow sapphic muslims who have to face their parents not accepting who they are. Please check the TW’s for both though!


Feel free to comment any sapphic books below and I will try my hardest to recommend you a book based on it!!







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