WLW Wednesday

Hi everyone!! Today’s post is the first in a series that we came up with!! (we think? correct us if someone else did it first!!). Every week or every 2 weeks we will be sharing a wrap up of our recent wlw reads, so here’s the first one! – Sasha and Amber ❤

If you want to take part, we’d LOVE that, and do tag us! You can share just one recent WLW read or as many as you want! Let’s share the love for sapphic books 🙂


Amber’s Recent WLW Reads:

I recently reread some old favourites, books which I’ve talked about a lot on this blog, so instead of my *actual* most recent sapphic reads, I’ll list my most recent sapphic reads that weren’t rereads 🙂


They Never Learn by Layne Fargo

This book was STUNNING! We got approved for it on netgalley and it was one of my most anticipated releases of the year, and it’s safe to say it is definitely a new favourite!! This is a sapphic thriller about a woman who kills bad men. She kills men who are rapists, men who are paedophiles, men who are just generally the scum of the earth. This thriller was SO fun to read, it’s full of twists and made me gasp multiple times!


Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power

Another sapphic thriller (this is becoming my brand and I’m not mad about it at all). This book is a hard-hitting story about a girl who lives with her mother and is estranged from both her family and society. Her mum is very particular about how she likes things, and Margot is fed up of not knowing where she comes from. When she finds a photo of her Gram, she runs away and plans to find out all about her family, but she didn’t expect there to be a dead girl who looks exactly like her on the day she turn up at her Gram’s farm.


The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson

Both Sasha and I were incredibly lucky and recieved ARCs of this book to review. It’s a stunning sci-fi debut by a Black author with a Black lesbian MC. Enter Cara. Of the 382 realities that have been unlocked, Cara is dead in all but eight; when one of her eight remaining doppelgangers dies under mysterious circumstances, Cara is plunged into a new world with an old secret. What she discovers will connect her past and future in ways she never could have imagined – and reveal her own role in a plot that endangers not just her world, but the entire multiverse. Look out for our full reviews soon! You don’t want to miss this one 🙂


Sasha’s Recent WLW reads:


The Stars and the Blackness Between Them by Junauda Petrus

It’s really difficult to put into words how beautiful, mesmerising and heartbreaking this book is – I was crying nearly the whole second half.

“Mabel. Loving on you is prayer, like the prayers of bees is honey. We loved on each other like we always been. My fingers caressed your naps in this life. It placed oils. And we was infinite and knew how to love. On the scalp. Along the cornrow and on each other. These coilings was anoited like a real love. We was a cosmic conversation, before I even met you in this life.” 


Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

This unique fairytale retelling was spearheaded by a Black lesbian fighting the patriarchy. I flew through this book – the writing was gorgeous, powerful and full of emotion as well as being easy to read! This was so exciting, I couldn’t stop reading! The plot was full of twists and turns, capturing and intriguing and full to the brim of feminism and dismantling the system!
Sophia was loveable, brave and wonderful, I loved her so much. She was so strong but also vulnerable, I loved Constance too and how they protected each other. Reading this, I felt anger sadness and hope along with Sophia as she fought the patriarchy, as well as smiling so much when Sophia was yearning for Constance and attempting to flirt with her.


Something To Talk About by Meryl Wisner

This fun slow-burn romance was full of personality and kept me reading and never bored! It kept me on my toes, full with yearning! It was really cute but also discussed some important issues. Both Jo and Emma were so loveable, people in and of themselves as well as in relation to each other, both driven & interesting with strong personalities and goals! This book made me so happy, and also frustrated that they wouldn’t just kiss already 🙂


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