Each of Us A Desert by Mark Oshiro | Blog Tour

Hiya everyone! Today I’m on the blog tour for one of my most anticipated releases, Each of Us A Desert! Thanks to Coloured Pages for including me! I loved this one and really recommend you add it on Goodreads or pick up a copy from your local indie or Amazon!! – Sasha ❤

Each of Us A Desert by Mark Oshiro was a vividly imagined tale of storytelling, faith and humanity. It was so vividly written and imagined with lush imagery and poetic and lyrical prose. Each of Us A Desert was so emotive, the plot was unique and wonderful and odd, and the f/f romance was gorgeously slow burn enemies to lovers, though I would have loved some more angst and yearning. 

What I loved: 

  • Xochital is such a great main character! Her story of trying to find her own place in the world away from her duties and responsibilities is one that really resonates and I loved her character arc as she sees the possibilities for who she can be, comes to terms with her gifts and accepts certain realities that change the way she sees the world.

‘Because while I missed home, I knew I had left for the most important reason of all: to become myself.’

  • The world was so vividly built and atmospheric, the heat of the desert seems to almost seep from the page, it’s amazing how real it felt. It’s a world that is at once magical and unimaginable and also deeply realistic and grounded. 
  • The magic of this world was so unique and gorgeous and though it wasn’t always completely explained it fitted seamlessly into the world and story. 
  • Just like Xochital feels people’s emotions so deeply and vividly, Mark Oshiro portrays them in the same way so that the reader too, feels almost overwhelmed by the desperation, longing, regret, guilt or love that the characters feel.
  • The romance between Xochital and Emilia is incredibly slow burn, and it may not be the focus of the book but you could really feel the longing between these two and the chemistry they shared. Their connection to each other was so deep and natural that as they slowly gravitated closer and closer together, it made complete sense. Also I love sapphics, as we know. 

"cuando estoy solo / when I am alone
existo para mi / I exist for myself"

  • The writing was absolutely stunning, every sentence was lush and gorgeous, it’s incredible how well this book was written.
  • The way the book is structured with Xochital telling a story to the god Solis, leading up to that hard-hitting ending…all I can say is DAMN??

What I didn’t like quite as much: 

  • The ending was very abrupt. I completely understand why it was so but I still feel like I would have loved some more closure on the story.
  • Whilst the book was perfect for what it was and achieved everything it tried to do, it’s not my normal thing, and in the romance especially I couldn’t help but want more of the angst and yearning of typical YA. 
  • I do think we could have benefitted from just a little bit more explanation regarding the world, the magic and the events of the book, particularly some things in the ending felt a little rushed and unclear. 

We stretch ourselves: to fit within the roles we are given. To make ourselves look better to those around us. To convince one another that we are good people in a world so vacant. Each of us a desert."


Each of Us A Desert was absolutely phenomenal, and I would completely recommend it, especially to fans of lyrical prose, unique storytelling and hard-hitting storylines.

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