Our Thoughts on We Set the Dark on Fire – Sapphic Book Club

Sasha | @midnightbookgirl_

An absolutely gorgeous novel of rebellion and politics that discusses immigrancy, class and feminism in a powerful way with a stunning, sapphic, rivals-to-lovers romance at its centre. Exciting, important and loveable. 

Amber | @bookishsappho

I loved everything about this book. From the first chapter, I was completely caught up in the story and dying to know how it would unfold. The dynamic between all of the characters is so interesting to read about and I loved the sense of community that was built up throughout the book. Dani and Carmen are so cute together and their romance was perfect.

Alice | @alice_1902

This book was so powerful, from the distinctive cast of diverse characters to the interwoven quotes and metaphors that are incredibly prevalent in today’s climate. Having such driven characters at the forefront of this novel made it an addictive read, finding ourselves rooting and growing with them from the first pages. The politics within this world had me gripped, being easy to understand and allowing us to grow with the understanding of it through both the characters and through a ‘show not tell’ style. The romance, I mean, what can I say about it, it was so perfectly crafted. Enemies to lovers is one of the best tropes in YA, and between Dani and Camren the author developed their romance so well, setting a steady pace and making it feel authentic. There isn’t a page within this book that won’t grip you, won’t make you feel something and think about how the topics in this book reflect the world we live in.

Gayatri | @bitterwitchreads

We Set the Dark on Fire was everything I needed in a book, YA Feminist Fantasy with hate to love Sapphic romance. I was on this huge reading slump and getting into this world and following Dani brought me out of my slump. The romance was my favourite part this book, I loved the tension and development, chemistry between Dani and Carmen was just perfect. Also the book skilfully deals with topics like gender and power and I wish the teenage self of mine had an opportunity to read this. I cannot wait to read the next one!!!

Alex | Woods of the Books

Mexican inspired fantasy isn’t something I read a lot unfortunately, but after this book completely BLESSED my EYES, I will be keeping my eye out for more, especially more by this author. Because this book was insanely amazing.

The world that Tehlor Kay Mejia created in this book was so unique, and the mythology behind it was stunning. I loved how although this was definitely a fantasy, I could see many connections to the real world, including the refugee origin story of our main character Dani and the wall that was supposedly keeping those who would hurt the community out. These sorts of commentary are important, and seeing them in this wonderful fantasy novel was even better.

And the ROMANCE oh my GOD I was SWOONING the ENTIRE time. From the moment I met the two characters, I could see the sexual tension between them. I could tell they were both absolutely LUSTING after each other. I am both excited and afraid to read the next book, because I know it’s not going to be pretty, and I’m not ready to see them not happy together. But these books are too good to pass up, and I can’t wait to go out and read all the other books by the author!


2 thoughts on “Our Thoughts on We Set the Dark on Fire – Sapphic Book Club

  1. Love how each of you present different aspects of the book! It sounds worth checking out. Hope you enjoy the next one! 🙂


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